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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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Push away from the dock.
Use your oar.
Out on the lake again,
Not on the shore.
The smell of the water,
Now does pervade.
The early morning dew,
Sunlight will invade.
The slapping of water,
Against the boat side,
As we row and we row,
For our morning ride.

Sometimes my head is so full of noise,
I say a short prayer trying to keep my poise.
Thoughts that are so varied; Hard to handle,
like I am trying to burn both ends of the candle.
Lord please, your help; I need some more,
For now it is almost a quarter to four.
Don't be nervous and don't you worry,
The words keep coming so fast I must scurry.
Finish the line on this last written page,
Before you expire from extreme old age.

Would you love me, if you could,
Although my heart and head
Are made of wood?
My arm a kindle of movement about,
If they hit your head you will shout.
A parental voice will then say,
"Put that doll in a box, do not play
With it anymore or any less."
Is it a reason? It can't be a guess.
Toys are wonderful to see
As they can bring joy to thee.

Over the hill,
down your way,
the little mice
have started to play.
Running on tiny feet,
Scurrying about
for something to eat.
Be careful, look up above
or an Owl
will grab your love.
Coyotes also are
not your friend.
Get too close,
that is the end!
Be safe when you play,
so you can return
for another play day.

There is still one thought, I cannot see.
It pertains to the rhyming of poetry.
No matter the journey; No matter how far,
My task is putting my thoughts into a jar.
A jar that when I remove the lid,
Will emit words of the adventures, I did.
Writing down this most random thought
I am always interested to see what I wrought.
Sometimes these words are just sitting there,
Magically they would appear, out of thin air.

When I write for you to see,
What is happening with me,
I try not to keep words inside
But release them, for a ride.
A ride that is so full of emotion,
Reminding me of the vast Ocean,
Or if you would, a puzzling sky above.
Filled with passion and unbroken love.

Flowers surround this golden path
As the wind whips the colorful mass
Of all the Buds and Blossoms entwined.
As I walk this Nature's path of mine,
Blooms of Daffodils and Tulips have gone away.
Not returning until next years, Spring Day.
There are other beautiful flowers to see,
Shasta Daisies and Esters shine, readily.

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Loy • 05/31/2019 at 04:53PM • Like 2

Nice - this poem would go lovely with some of your garden flower photos :)

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Lucy • 05/31/2019 at 08:55PM • Like 1

Beautiful poem and photos.