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Mental Floss

Posted by MFishProfile 07/02/21 at 06:23PM Humor See more by MFish

Mental floss, a string of words,
running through my head.
No matter, the word choice,
it will run through this porous,
brain as if salt were present.
I cannot control the blandness
of the words written,
and I watch them swirl
into the old mind of an uncontrollable
muse. Sorry to say but the mind is mine.

Will You

Posted by MFishProfile 06/30/21 at 10:44PM Life Stories See more by MFish

Will you come to me on the morrow,
bringing forth your joy and sorrow,
as you carry, your memories past?
Is this the ending of the story thou hast?
I will be gone in the future soon,
as a new tune I hear,
spills forth, the sadness I fear.
Stay with me until dawn does awake.
One more hug; I will not break.

Oh My

Posted by MFishProfile 06/30/21 at 10:33PM Life Stories See more by MFish

Oh my, the joy I feel,
when you are talking to me,
about what is happening now,
in the present or recent day..
You don't recall words just said.
The thoughts aren't there.
Instead you ask questions of me.
"Do you remember?" Is what you
say, "the lady we saw yesterday?"
There is confusion, by me,
if it was on TV or in real time.
What a struggle it must be for you,
not able to recall or to separate
TV actions from the real world.
I see confusion in you, when
an ad comes on and you say,
"Who are these people? For them,
I do not know?" I tell you they
are actors, or it is an ad.
I am saddened to see
there is no reaction or understanding
of what I just said and will probably
hear the words, from you, again.

He Rode

Posted by MFishProfile 06/30/21 at 07:53AM Life Stories See more by MFish

He rode through the Valley of Death.
Etched in his mind, were the fears,
he had worried about, over the years.
From the depth of his Soul,
amidst a ruinous life,
was the rapid derogation of
his beloved wife.
Questions were raised; answers were few,
no help by Medical staff except
to keep steering the course,
while friends and family were his only resource.
Take from me now, for I am able to pay.
You will I know, 'til the end of our day.

To write again, these words to you,
brings satisfaction, in what I do,
for these words, which are here,
will remain on paper, when I disappear.
Written words as a Writer's craft,
brings forth meaning, from the chaff.
Are the words confusing? I will ask,
for writing words is my daily task.

It Was Early

Posted by MFishProfile 06/29/21 at 11:22PM Nature See more by MFish

It was early,
it was morning,
the Sun yet to rise.
A sound heard,
a tapping noise.
A staccato of taps.
Startled, now awake,
the taps came once more,
rattling the window.
Darn Flicker,
your beak and head,
using as a hammer.
Making all the noise.
I'm now awake,
the noise was intense,
so getting up,
is what I did.