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Bellevue, WA Community

We are hosting a viewing party for the Evening Magazine show
featuring a segment on Gallaghers’ Where U Brew! Come join us to watch
the show! We’ll be pouring the Gally Mac that the Evening Magazine crew
brewed while they were here.The show starts at 7:30, get here early and get a good spot!

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Our take on a familiar concept of an “art walk”, but with a
special emphasis on food. Green Lake's restaurants and retail businesses
pass out samples and coupons so that you can try out their latest
concoctions, specials, or favorite menu items.

Click here for tickets

The frozen rain, angles in,
Stinging, unprotected skin,
Driven by relentless wind,
Soaking all.
Running, slipping and falling down.
Where once was ground,
Is only mud and standing water.
The noise from parents, coaches
And their friends,
Never ends.
Win or lose, the parents are upset,
The children are just cold and wet.

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Tess • 04/24/2018 at 11:12PM Like

Very nice and true