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Kudos 365 – Where Your Privacy Matters

Pursue your interests with people like you on Kudos 365. Share your art, photography, writing, events, and expertise. Follow your favorite local businesses and discover what's happening.

Earn Rewards at your favorite places

For Individuals

Free. Private. You're in Control. We make it easy for you to see what you are interested in without cluttering your personal social media networks. View posts from photographers, artists, and learn about local events. Win prizes & get special offers from local and national businesses. All in one convenient location.

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Engae your customer's in a positive way

For Content Contributors

Reach a Broader Audience. Showcase your work on our community site and share your pictures and relevant articles with thousands of individuals. Kudos 365 grants Content Contributor status to select photographers, writers, artists, bloggers and other original work creators who regularly post on our Community site.

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Engae your customer's in a positive way

For Businesses

It's Easy & Cost Effective. Attract new customers! Don't fight the distractions of social media or the hesitance of consumers to give out personal contact information because of legitimate privacy concerns. Our Members can see your postings and follow your business. All of your postings are delivered to our member accounts. There's no need to pay to boost your reach.

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