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Easy & Cost Effective Online Marketing

Tired of the boosting-hashtag game? Quickly and affordably reach new customers and increase your online following without gimmicks. With a Business Membership you can reach the engaged Kudos 365 community simply by posting to your business’ page!

Share Your Work

Organically Reach Your Local Audience

Stop Paying to Boost. Struggling to reach potential customers without spending a pretty penny? Kudos 365 cuts through the noise. All your postings are delivered to local members, without boosting.

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Reach a Broader Audience

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Increase Your Online Web Traffic. Wish your website got more traffic? All your business’ News Posts and Announcements are viewable to members within your local area! You post your favorite content and grow your active fanbase. It’s that simple.

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Connect with Other Content Creators

No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

Several Pricing Plans to Meet Your Needs. With several different pricing plans, you can get the business subscription that makes the most sense for your business. You can change it or cancel at any time.

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Engae with Local Businesses

Connect with Local Influencers.

Let Word of Mouth Marketing Work for You. There’s no better marketing than happy customers singing your praises. Discover and connect with influencers in your area to start growing your community.

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