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Find, connect, and share with others who have similar interests.

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Explore topcis and chat with only the people you trust.

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Our Public Community

A Spotlight on Local Talent Reach new fans and increase your online following. Share your favorite photos and blog posts. Learn more about the benefits of being a member.

The engaged Kudos Community allows you to broaden your online presence and connect with others. Showcase your expertise and know what’s happening. See why bloggers and photograghers love posting on Kudos 365.

Public Posts

Share what you find interesting to start meaningful conversations.



Discover specials and deals from businesses you love. Promote local shopping. Are you a business?


Public Groups

Explore topics important to you with the Kudos Communty.


How Public Posting Works (and How it Benefits You)

Choose a Post to Share

1. Pick the Content You Want to Showcase

From blog posts to photos and more – Kudos welcomes you share your expertise with our active community.

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2. Post Your Content on Kudos

Post directly or share a link to your content on Kudos 365. Give your post a description, like you would on other platforms. Kudos will scrape your post to display the headline, featured image, and meta description.

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3. Get Likes, Comments & Engagement

Kudos will add your post to our newsfeed, allowing the entire Kudos 365 community to view and engage with your content. Posts that are popular may be featured by Kudos – on our site and social networks.

Reach a Broader Audience

Meet Private Spaces

Made Just For You & Your Friends Your privacy matters. And, Kudos 365’s private spaces ensure yours – and your content – is respected.

With Kudos 365 friends posts, messages, and groups, you remain in control of who sees your content.

Your Page

Post content directly to your page just for you and your Kudos 365 friends.



Exchange private messages with people you trust.


Private Groups

Share and discuss important topics with exclusive groups of your choice.


How Private Posting Works

Choose a Post to Share

1. Connect With People You Choose

Invite your friends or take part in private discussion groups. On Kudos, you decide who can view and engage with your content.

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2. Share Your Content Privately

Chat directly with your Kudos 365 friends, post to your private page, or engage in invite-only groups. As a member, your privacy matters.

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3. Discuss What Matters With Your Friends

Unlike public posts, your private content is not available on our community newsfeed. This allows you to have meaningful discussions with your friends.