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I stand amongst these tall,
trees, in Norther Idaho.
We are out, scouting for Elk.
I'm riding a Honda Trail 50.

I'm amazed by the
quantity of tall Fern Glades,
stretching across my sight line.
An open cathedral of ferns and trees.

Visibility seems to extend forever.
I don't recall seeing the beautiful sight
in my home state of Washington.
It probably exists on the Peninsula.

A spiritual moment,
I still say
an appropriate view,
on this warm Spring Day.

A memory of 1964, outside Moscow Idaho.

I Believe

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I believe our Soul,
flees, when we die.
I don't know if it,
returns for another try.

Another try, for
a better life.
Something to ponder,
or think about twice.

If you think you've,
been here before,
and there is a special portal,
or a brand-new door,

to a different life, then
I now implore,
do your best and
come back for more.

See you in your dreams,
let's not keep score.
Just remember your life,
the time before.

The Red Ferns

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I write of a tale
from long ago,
bout the place,
the Red Ferns grow.

I search for a word,
but it has been taken.
Why do I look
when my hearts broken?

Alas, he sits,
with a chagrined grin,
"What's going on,
with my thoughts, thin?

Is this a piece of
the grieving process?
If it's not,
then, I am a mess.

I don't want to be,
with anyone now,
as memories are raw,
or I just don't know how.

Old memories
of days gone by.
We don't recall,
or know why.

The recovery of abandoned
animals has been a huge
part of my friend, Jan's life.
This is for her.

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