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Posted by MFish Profile 03/03/24 at 05:53AM Share Poetry See more by MFish

My fear has been realized.

I'm touched, by your kindness.
Happy you are my friend.
A great love I have for you,
helping my broken heart mend.

What price is love,
when what you've known,
has gone away,
and happiness has flown.

Where does one go,
when your love is lost?
There isn't enough money,
to ever justify the cost.

I won't know about today,
I won't know about the morrow.
I know without you,
there won't be a tomorrow.

When Worlds collide,
like yours and mine.
If the love for another develops,
the World is now fine.

I had a terrible loss,
you provided comfort,
to me when I was lost
and you provided support.

I lost control,
letting myself go,
slipping into comfort,
when I should have said no.

I apologize for my error,
of complicating your life.
You never complained,
when I brought strife.