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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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The sight of children playing
brings memories from the past,
of tire swings
or throwing rocks
and days that last and last.
Riding bikes, with fenders gone
while racing through the street
with nickel cones, bubble gum
and sockless, shoeless feet.

(This a redo, published in 2017)

My mind is going, that is for sure.
I am uncertain how much I can endure.
Sorry if this sounds like an old refrain
But I tire, seeing all of the pain
She goes through, every day.
It's not pleasant for her, in any way.
She keeps saying, "Put me in a home."
That's not happening...

Here I am at the Starbucks drink bar,
When you walk in, like a movie star.
Your hair was quite long, not in a bun,
The clothes that you wore, were beautifully done.
A long, thin face, with a Roman nose,
The lovely eyes, that were very composed.
My God, I said to myself, as I
Waited for my drink, standing by you,
Awkward in feeling, not sure what to do.
I did not wait there very long,
For your drinks arrived, then you were gone.

When I was young
and would eat my lunch,
I would grab a book
and read a long story
of adventure and glory.
For reading was a
small boy's passion
and was an escape
to a land so grand
it was filled
with milk and honey.
With words and visions,
my imagination was
for me a way see
the World, through
an author's eyes.

Who, who, I hooted from the tree.
I am awake and it's half past three.
Nocturnal is the best time for me.
With my night vision, I see movement instantly.
When I catch movement or hear a sound,
I'll spring from the limb, down to the ground.
My movement is quick, so please don't worry.
Pouncing on a prey, I do in a flurry.

My nerves are a tingle.
My hands start to shake.
I am uncertain
if I'm dreaming or awake.
A terrible thing; most unkind
as thoughts race through my mind.
What happens to us,
if this Nation of We,
becomes that beckoning light,
that flickers and dies?