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Our vessel, our ship,
is moored at a dock.
I need to pick up
the ship's mail.
I hike down the pier
and when I arrive
at the end, I use the
phone there to call
my escort. They arrive
in a jeep and take
me to another pier,
where I board
a small boat. The trip
is short, to another
small island in the
Enewietok Atoll.
I go to the FPO,
pick up the ship's mail,
head back to the boat,
climb aboard and
return to my friends,
who give me a ride
to the piers very end.
Down to the ship,
sort out the mail,
then have Mail Call.
Only a few men receive mail,
they are the lucky ones.
I look for a letter,
coming here, from you.

I have lost her, totally.
I was watering plants
in the front, by the driveway.
My wife said, "Are all these yours?"
Then she asked me who I was.
"Do you belong to me?"
I told her I was her husband.
I shouldn't have but did ask
her, "What is my name?"
She replied, "Joe", who is our
eldest Son. I said, "You are his mother."

When Your World

Posted by MFish Profile 09/18/21 at 10:51AM Other See more by MFish

When your World has gone asunder
and your troubles are so many;
When roiling clouds of lightning/thunder,
lock in the World, on this very night,
do you worry about each other
or do you cry for your mother?
Brace up, stand ye strong,
for in this World you belong.
Stay the course, join the fight,
defy the doubters and their might.
See tomorrow as a better day.
Work thee hard, the time for play
will arrive in due course
and join with Justice, in the fray.

The Mountains

Posted by MFish Profile 09/17/21 at 10:07PM Nature See more by MFish

The mountains puncture the sky,
snagging clouds as they pass.
The green-yellow of decidious trees,
changing colors before the
leaves fall to the ground.
A most wonderous time of the year,
when a trees skeletal remains,
rattle the brain and senses.
An old, natural disaster;
no flowers except the Aster.

How does a person
make life whole again?
Is it done by writing
in a book with a pen?
I'm writing the words,
which are entering my head,
without benefit of rules,
or a guide, in good stead.
Some words are strong,
like a good grade of steel,
while many words are weak,
with little writer's appeal.
I must decide, the words to use
is what would be ideal.
Here I remain, wasting time,
as I search for words,
which will fit into this rhyme.

New Bulbs

Posted by MFish Profile 09/17/21 at 05:47AM Gardening See more by MFish

Just received an e-mail from Brecks.
"Your bulbs are on the way."
Once again I got carried away and
ordered too many bulbs.
Now I just have to remember
where the old ones are located.
Shouldn't be a problem as I
use chicken wire, which I cut
to cover the bulbs. I know it
dissapoints the squirel helpers,
but it's the way it has to be.

Sit you here,
write down the word,
be it trite, simple
or just so absurd.
Your role is to write
words to paper.
Thoughts are elusive
and they will fly
away from you,
if you don't try
to capture them
when you can
or else you will become
a lost an lonely
wordless man.

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Loy • 09/17/2021 at 09:24AM • Like 1 Profile

good poem and words of advice! I need your discipline...

Your avatar
MFish • 09/17/2021 at 11:42AM • Like Profile

Thank you. A funny story. I'll tell you at another time.

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