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My mind is gone.
It's lost again.
All the heat
has warped my head.
No Air Conditioner,
bedroom 102 at 12 pm.
God, what a few days
which seem like an eternity.
32 degrees warmer than our
collective averages, for the
month of June, makes zero
sense. Global warming?
Probably so, still does not
make sleepless nights, OK.
Don't mean to whine or
carry on but how do you
plan for this weather
aberration? Tomato plants
with leaves curled and withered
sends this man into a dither.
The flower garden is taking a big
hit as there isn't enough water
to keep it from evaporating.

Write all the words,
uncertain they are.
Write them down now,
both near and far
away in this World
and what it must be,
of all the lies,
bordering on idiocy.
Slink back to the shadows,
don't come out into the light.
Stay where you're huddled,
if you don't want to fight.
Lie after lie is the untruth,
which you now see,
but don't except the answers,
for you are crazed like me.