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The Sunlight

Posted by MFishProfile 03/27/21 at 11:30PM Environment See more by MFish

The Sunlight has slipped away,
as the shadows seize the day.
The air warmed by the Sun
is here and will not succumb,
as the coolness of the night,
creeps in to enclose us tight,
while the day has become the night
and surrenders again, without a fight.

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MFish • 03/27/2021 at 11:37PM • Like 1 Profile

Thank you. Some times words flow. Have a great weekend and recover your strength.

When Moonlight passes by.
When there are no clouds in the sky,
I'll remember you.
No matter where I go,
No matter where you are,
I'll remember you.
For nothing is this World,
Sets my heart a swirl.
I'll remember you.
Forever and a day,
What ever comes this way,
I'll remember you.
When my heart breaks in two.
When there is nothing I can do,
I'll remember you.


Posted by MFishProfile 03/25/21 at 10:29PM Humor See more by MFish

Forego the wind.
Forego the fame.
I ask only
for your name.
We were young,
when we met.
Asking of you,
with no regret.
My memories gone.
Fleeing the scene,
escaping from here,
for I mean,
of something thought,
is your last name;
what I forgot.
Help me now,
oh pretty please.
Keeps me hanging,
not nice to do,
dangling in the breeze.