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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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Remembering the lost day of our youth,
when you tried to look the most couth.
At a dance; you boldly approached a girl
and asked with a somewhat shaky voice,
saying, "Would you please like to dance?'
As the answer of "No" suddenly came,
you returned to your friends,
shot down in flames.

I remember the aroma;
The smell of the Sea.
A memory of Oceans,
Then I think of thee.
The walks in the sand
With roaring of surf,
While waves come crashing
At the edge of the Earth.
Great memories of a recent past
With a melding of sounds
Over a World so vast.
Where are you now?
I need you to see
About what in life
Has happened to me.

The gentle curve of your shoulder;
That shape I've seen before,
Is what I remember, of our life
When we were younger.
So many days and months before
Our love was one that
Comes, once in a lifetime,
But wait, there is more
Our life will go on
Then end with a roar.

Must I awake, in dead of night,
from deepest sleep, into the light,
as my loved one, says she's cold
and is looking for some clothes.
It's 5 AM as I say to her
"what are you doing"?
She says, back to me,
"I'm cold". I look and she has
an undershirt on top of her
sleeping gown.
An early morning excursion
that she won't recall the
next morning.
Evenings and early mornings
seem to be the time that
strange behavior occurs.
A common trait is what
I've been told.