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He Went

Posted by MFish Posted on 12/31/2020 at 11:09PM Other See more by MFish

He went down the path.
An old trail to some,
Towards a place of adventure,
which was yet to come.
A road, he could see,
could very soon become,
a date with his destiny.
He came to the edge
of a wide canyon below.
Venturing forth now, with eland;
down life's trail he went
to become a new man.
The trail he trod,
was his most recent challenge.
A challenge, from his God.
Be a kind person,
the rest of your life.
Provide care to others
as well as your wife.
For her I will be,
the pillar of her strength,
doing it now, for I love thee.

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MFish • 01/01/2021 at 10:40PM • Like Profile

Thank you, dear friend. Have a great new year.

I can hear you now.
You don't have to yell.
We're in the same house,
the place where we dwell.
Must you talk this way?
There is no kindness here now,
so yelling doesn't set well.
A need for a fresh drink,
when you're acting so weird,
pointing at your shoes, I think
is not the message, meant.
I'm not your slave.
Ease up. Please do relent
for I live here too
and I pay bills and the rent.

I understand the expediency of
the action taken, I do. But using
a broad brush to apply regulations
to a large business and small
will ruin the small merchants
and contribute to them failing.
A large business has deep pockets,
obtaining loans from the banks.
A small business does not.
Our retail solution, our tax base,
could be the saving grace,
for the economy.
We see it daily. We see it now.
Where is the relief? When you
kill the chicken, don't expect
it to lay eggs.
The rules of the past, are not working
anymore. We must provide assistance.
Do it now. You haven't.
The small business is hurting and the
school system too. What are you
thinking? Bring business's together,
to develop rules, which will work.
Not the flawed logic, you're using today.

Where to start, where to begin,
When do we talk about
The poison within?
It lies deep inside, this body ours,
Manifested by fear and hate.
Trusting no one; only what you see,
Believing liars and their hypocrisy.
Avoiding the truth; idolizing the aberration
And the internal root of our Nation.
What good things still remain inside,
The hateful vengeance; what we see,
When someone else, decides to disagree.
The pent up hate, inside a Soul.
The pain and anguish will take its toll.
They hide amongst us, oh they do,
Being friendly but not liking you.
We must rid the hate from within;
Living our lives; free women and men.

When I was a young man, I purchased a
car. The car was a 1930, 2 door, Model A
Ford. It was in a friends garage, up on
blocks, with the original wooden spoked
wheels and the tires too. I made an offer
to this family friend. He sold me the car
for $100.
The first thing I did was replace the tires
and wheels, as the original tires were
cracked and wouldn't hold air.
The interior was remarkably fine. No holes
to see. The body had a few minor dents from
a small collision with some immovable object.
Very little damage to a car, older than I.
A battery had been installed in the car
but it also had a hand crank, which was still
there. The gas tank was placed in front of the
windshield and had a device in the fill cap which
showed you what the gas level was. There was
a choke and a spark retard on the steering column.
You started the car by turning on the key and pressing
a Start button, after you activated the choke to supply
fuel. The car was enjoyable to me, at an earlier life.
Now I wish I still had my car. A black, 2 door Model A Ford.

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Carl • 12/30/2020 at 11:02AM • Like 1 Profile

A first car stays for ever in our mind. Mine was a 1949 Pontiac. It was in great shape and I paid $120 for it... such a great experience.

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MFish • 12/30/2020 at 02:24PM • Like 1 Profile

Yes, it certainly is. I remember almost every thing but was puzzled when I wrote about the Retard lever and how it worked.