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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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Where will I be without you?
What will my life be
if you aren't with me?
Grief ridden thoughts abound
in this aged head of mine.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself.
Please stop with the whine.
You must be stronger;
don't let her see
the sadness in your eyes.
She said before
she doesn't like to cry,
so I must be careful
and hide the wetness in my eyes.
Be brave, strong and stoic,
that is best for me.
Keep your tears well hidden,
please don't let her see,
the weakness in me.

It was back in the day,
many years ago,
in a place called Riverton Heights.
The Seattle Times held a contest
at local schools.
I attended Showalter then,
atop the hill above Foster.
The contest was called
"Old Woody".
Old woody was a frame of wood,
in the shape of a Baseball strike zone,
in the center. A distance was set.
Each contestant would go to the mound
and throw balls. The rule was
to throw strikes until such time
that you threw 4 balls.
The winner was determined by the
one with the total number of three
strike outs.
Surprise it was to me,
when I beat all the others
and won the contest.
The Seattle Times took my picture
and was in the sport pages the next day.
So my claim to fame at a very young age.
Many years have passed
since that time in my life.
It was my first competition in baseball.

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Alan • 01/10/2020 at 03:17PM • Like 1

Great story. It is nice to have the photos to help us remember special times from our childhood. I enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing.

I am losing touch with reality
on this darkening, rainy day.
I'm unsure of this pending finality
and if she will go or stay.

She tells me, "take me to the home,
for that is where I'll be,
the rest of this mortal life;
I'll soon be leaving thee".