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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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It is dark on this moonless night.
Only the stars to provide your light.
Off I go, with flashlight in hand,
Looking for my lost wedding band.
How I lost it? I am unaware.
I must find it now, over there
Where I was sitting, hours ago.
The ring I had then; that I know.
Shine the light down, under the board,
There it is. Thank you Lord.

The soft caress. The lovely clothes,
Brings back the memories, once again.
No reveries, no lustful thoughts,
For those no longer matter to me.
Just be near me, when you can
And I will always be the one
To wrap you in my arms,
keeping your body warm
And protect you from the World's ills.
I love you, my darling dear.
Please hang on for all your worth,
As I will stay here by your side,
Until that time when life ends.

I was born in the valley,
on the dining room table.
I can show you the house,
while I'm still able.
No hospital or Dr. you see,
for a Midwife is the one
who delivered me.
Bundled me in a blanket,
to keep this child warm.
Then so gently she
gave me to my Mom.

I have discovered something, new to me
that while the best things in life are free.
The honest reality of living on this day
is the understanding, that we all must pay,
for the convenience to stay dry and warm,
from the earliest day, when we were born.

A shadow fell across the moon
the day my brother died
and grief poured from my soul
and tore me up inside.

I can't remember, in this short life
and perhaps I've never tried,
to think about the grief and sorrow
the day my brother died,
for he was but a child of three
and should have lived, much longer.
I'm sure he would have if God had made
his body that much stronger.

The years have passed, as has the grief and sorrow
and eyes then wet with tears, have dried,
but I will always remember
the day my brother died.

The long, slow, ebbing tide
covers the mud flats; glistening with
a mirrored surface. The smell
that comes with the change
of tide, brings forth the primal ooze,
of life and decay.
I love that Sea aroma as it calls
up the memories of our origin.