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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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The small mouse, sits under the tree,
Looking for something to eat, once again.
Keep you eyes open, as you scurry about,
For danger exists in the air above
And all over the wet, soggy ground.
An Owl will see your movement, or not
Or a Fox will track you down.
So, stay close to the shelter you're in
And don't become a meal for them.

A flower still blooms between us,
Although our love is past.
The passion that devoured us,
In this earthly life, is lost,
In the stars of the heavens,
So dark, on the night that didn't last.
Farewell my love, farewell to thee,
For with my passing, you will be free.

It's not OK, that on this night,
I sleep for an hour, no more.
My brain is fried yet keeps
Spewing words until my ears roar.
Writing more nonsense about,
A door or words
Sleeping on the floor.
What's next, I ask
On bended knee,
As I wrestle with my sanity.
Please let me
Get some sleep,
Or this will soon
Be the end of me.

The wind swirls around my neck,
As I walk, in the early dawn.
The coffee that I drank
Is not keeping me warm.
Pulling my hoody over my head;
Tying the string, under my chin,
Will curb the outside chill,
But not the chill within.
The fear, I feel, is by my side,
Every night and every day.
All I can do now, is to pray
To God, that the disease will go away.
I know it won't but I must try
And I must not let her see me cry.

Out of the window, I do gaze.
The amount of rain falling, does amaze.
Sounds of rain, on roof and gutter,
Tend to make me mutter,
About the quantity of rain I see,
Providing to the flowers and tree.
The results of this water downpour,
Should provide, for Spring flowers, galore.