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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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I'm up very early
at a quarter of two
and all I can do
is think about you.
I recall your smile
and your gentle grace,
as I call forth a vision
of your beautiful face.
What can I say
about this tepid relent?
I wish that I knew
what is fates intent.

I feel my life,
slowly ebbing away
and wish to return
to an earlier day.
A day where my emotions
are not in disarray.
Please understand me,
as I write in this way,
what is happening to me,
is not mine to say.
Oh please, my dear Lord,
help, by letting me pray.

Up in the tangled branches
of the mostly, barren trees,
I heard a squeaky sound,
"Would someone, help me please?"
I was looking and I found,
then I saw some movement,
high amongst all the limbs,
of a small, tiny creature,
I knew that was him.
A small owlet, colored grey.
Body moving, with the breeze,
kept repeating, pleating to me,
"Please, Sir, help me please."
Not being agile or spry,
as I used to be,
I climbed up, ever slowly
onto limbs of this tree.
I finally did reach him;
he said, "Thank you please,
can you unhook my claws,
stuck tight to the tree.
I did and quickly as a bee
he flew now I'm stuck
high up in the tree.
Help, I yelled very loudly,
I'm stuck in this tree.

I am a stranger, to myself.
I suppose that I will always be.
For I know not the answers,
About this, so called reverie.
Help me understand, what's happening to me,
For this moment; time will be set free.

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Amy • 11/22/2018 at 11:53AM • Like

Very nice!