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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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I sense the air. It's a new smell.
Is it the fear of losing the election?
It is now very hard to tell.
Running scared, will do that too,
no matter how trying it is to you.
You are a loser, POTUS, Donald Trump,
full of hot air and quite the chump.
You have a mess; you really do.
A piece of work; all about you.

It may not be the virus,
I cannot see,
but it may be
the visible enemy.
I believe that is you,
POTUS or Don John,
Public Enemy, number one.

Federal troops,
Brown shirts to me,
violating the citizens

With your shoulders
make them shrug,
for now you behave
like a big time thug.

Ahh, Summer in Redmond town,
now that the Sun has settled.
We are on the deck. It's nine pm
and quite pleasant.
Almost ninety today, the temp.
not my age, but is now seventy-five.
Sitting with my lovely wife, Ms. Ellie,
listening to her favorite, Neil Diamond,
"Coming to America" album .
It is said that "music soothes the Beast
within". Perhaps so. In any event it is
gratifying to see the enjoyment on her
face as she listens to her favorite.
Oh the sweet pleasures of this life we
live. We must take and enjoy, as time allows.
You cannot capture our yesterdays,
unless in a song.

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Loy • 07/30/2020 at 07:15PM • Like 1 Profile

So true. Love how music takes us to a different time and place.

I am tired of being alone.
My wife has Dementia,
and is now like a child
knowing not, how
to dress herself,
select her clothes
in the morning.
I lay out undergarments
for her in the a.m.
and some clothing options.
I don't know how to
deal with this new demand
that she needs.
I will learn for that is my task.
The most difficult thing
is to have her wear a mask.