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When I was young, so many years ago, I loved to fish. I would dig worms from the garden, put them in an empty tobacco tin, flat with lid. The tin was Prince Albert and was something you could put into your shirt pocket. No fish eggs for me for they probably were too expensive.
I used worms for bait but in the Summer when the Grasshoppers were plentiful, I would use them.
My Grandfather, managed the Whipple Creek Pumping Plant, which moved water up the hill via huge
pipes. The water came down the spill way from the Highline Canal, in an area called, "Badger Pocket."
The water not used for pumping, flowed through and went down a large ditch. Fishing was available above the Pumping Plant, just below and further down the ditch.

I would get my bait and walk to the area I wanted to fish. Casting out the offering, on a barbed hook, I would make an effort to lure the wily trout, to take a taste. If you felt a little tug, pull quick and hard on the line and set the hook. Usually a nice size fish, 10 to 12 inches long.
I wasn't always successful but the quiet, solitude and the beauty of the outdoors, was always enjoyed at a cost of nothing but our time. I miss those times and the people.

When I was a young boy, I like to read the comics in the Sunday paper, Seattle Times.
I would read those first. Even to this day, that the first thing I grab, our the Comics.
Fascinated, was I by the comic strip, Terry and the Pirates, by Milton Caniff.
Those readings when the World was at war, were read by myself, while laying on the floor.
Reading about Terry and his exploits, in Asia. One of the characters, in the strip was the
Dragon Lady. She was Asian, beautifully mysterious. Dangerous, but not truly evil. She
probably was evil but I was too naïve and young to know. It was at that time, in my young
life that I became fascinated by Asian women. Didn't know any but still the fascination.
I still have that fascination. When I see women of all Asian races, I am drawn to them, like
a moth to the flame. I can't explain that to you, nor will I try. Great memories of a child who
was fascinated by a cartoon character in a Comic Strip, at a young age. Go figure.

After World War II, my Father
purchase, The Orchard Trailer Park,
in Riverton Heights, about a
block off of Highway 99.
He had left his job at
Todd's Shipyard, where he was
an Electrician; a Supervisor.
He also built a small building,
on Highway 99, where he opened
a store selling electrical products.
I recall one product, a radio,
manufactured by Gilfillen.

I would ride my bicycle, with my
friends, South on Highway 99 to
Angle Lake to swim. On occasion
we would ride to Bow Lake, more
of a pond, and fish.
Bow Lake today, is where the
Hilton Hotel is located. It is across
Highway 99 from SeaTac International.
Several years ago, I attended a
meeting at the Hilton. When we
had a break, I walked out the back
and there it was. No rushes or
Cat Tails, or noticeable weeds.
My of my, what a change to
the Old Fishing Hole.

Where do you go, every day?
You're not here, your far away.
What thoughts run through your head?
Watching TV, you'll ask of me,
"What did they say?"
I don't know if you can see
when you ask and it's on TV.
I do know that if I say," give me the remote",
you will pick up everything but
and ask, "Is this it?'
I can't imagine what I would do
if it was me, in that state,
instead of you.