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Posted by MFish Profile 07/19/24 at 08:30PM Share Other See more by MFish

As we move through life,
we may find visiting others,
when their life wanes,
to hear their words again.

In the Garden

Posted by MFish Profile 07/16/24 at 10:33PM Share Other See more by MFish

Garden art did abound,
as my love would purchase,
Garden Art for the yard.
This is written about a
garden gnome.

It's Strange

Posted by MFish Profile 07/15/24 at 07:18AM Share Other See more by MFish

It's strange to contemplate,
the end of a life,
after you have been informed,
"it's a matter of months."

I'm not thinking,
about the days going by,
or that my time will be over.

I'm trying to contact friends,
I care about to tell them goodbye
and convey my love for
their friendship. That's a good thing.

There is good in most situations. This
is a good thing...
Love to all, in this great adventure.
Good luck to all of you,
during your present and future life.

Henri Émile Benoît Matisse (1869 – 1954) was a French visual artist, painter, draftsman, printmaker, and sculptor, Matisse is widely regarded as the greatest colorist of the 20th century. known for both his use of color and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. More


Posted by MFish Profile 07/14/24 at 11:30PM Share Other See more by MFish

and forlorn,
since the day,
I was born.

Coming into this world,
back in my day,
was being born and
delivered on the dining
room table, by a midwife.

Humble beginnings,
no money for play,
but warmth and comfort,
was there every day.

The depression was
hard on all around,
yet they toiled at work,
if it could be found.

Not much money,
you could hear them say,
when a good wage, could
be a dollar a day.

Pay yourself first
was the rave,
a hard thing to do,
trying to save.