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Pulling word bundles,
some large, some small,
many great words,
some, not at all.

String the words
in sentence form.
Nothing gallant,
just the norm.

Write out clearly,
so, you can see,
the flow of words
which are orderly.

When you've finished
or if it's done,
take some pride,
if it's the one.


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Only one thing in life is certain.
Events experienced every day.
Keeping all the good thoughts,
The bad thoughts can go away.

Hide them in the corner
of your all-inclusive brain.
Keeping inside your head,
until you can no longer retain.

It will be later, when you know,
they appear and will cause strife
All the hidden fears,
will try to change your life.

And suddenly
it was over,
for he was born anew.
No matter what
was said, He
did not want to
keep on living,
once his wife
was dead.
What's the point,
when I know
my wife and
first love was gone.
His wife
is still here,
on this day.
It is her memories,
which have gone away.
She has no remembrance,
of our history,
from before,
when we,
young and happy,
raised our children
and grandchildren.
Came and went away.
Twas when she had Dementia,
and every single day,
she lost more memory
until she couldn't
say my name.
I will miss my wife,
as I recall our memories
from the past,
no matter how much time
goes by, my memories
will last.

Writer's Block

Posted by MFish Profile 09/23/22 at 12:06AM Share Other See more by MFish

I have been living with my wife at a memory care facility since the middle of May. She has been diagnosed with Advanced Vascular Dementia-Alzheimer disease. I am with her 24 7's. I try to participate in all activities, with her so she will also be active. One such activity is a Sing along. I will sing with her old tunes,
such as, "When you wore a tulip, a bright yellow tulip and I wore a big red rose." These words are locked
in my brain and it has been difficult for me to hear other words. this early morning, I awoke with the following running in my head. Sorry but please bear with me as I attempt to clear the cobwebs of confusion.

sat on the floor,
trying to look at ease.
I won't say anymore,
for I know I must appease,
the girl next door,
who lives under the floor
of my apartment
beneath the trees.
Give me a break,
it was my mistake
and shouldn't be all
of which you know,
for my life is quite good,
please be understood,
I am not rolling in dough.
Do you have much money,
he said to his honey,
down where the green grass grows,
for if you don't,
I most surely won't
stay and be waiting for you.

Being polite,
does your dog bite?
are words seldom
used today.
Singing a song
and getting along,
seem to be
an impossible task,
or never occurring
on this day.
Is it too hard
for all to say, Please,
when it's something
we need
or should we just,
go away.
Away to a land,
not noble or grand,
where no one still says,
"I love thee."

Loss Moment

Posted by MFish Profile 09/12/22 at 05:41AM Share Other See more by MFish

There was a time
so many days ago
when words of rhyme,
yes but mainly no.

Words I knew about,
words of soft whisper,
words of a loud shout,
words would appear.

Writing the words,
heard in my head,
if not done quickly,
were soon dead.

A loss of a moment,
a terrible waste,
then I'll "pack my tent"
and leave in disgrace.

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