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Far off, life's beaten path,
he trod with weary foot.
On a mission, to survive,
his loss of mental state.

A loner, he was often called,
yet he still had close friends.
No interest in idle talk,
desiring to make life amends.

He loved many, it was said,
in a broad, platonic way,
persisting in his lot of life,
satisfying his soul, today.

Talking was good for him,
if about those he loved.
Cherishing those he knew,
as friends, from above.

A glob of words,
is what I think.
Some are great,
some just stink.
To paper they
will go in random jots.
I don't know why,
or have just forgot.
I need to escape,
from the place,
I'm in disgrace.
Why is my wife,
behaving this way?
She bit an attendant,
on this day.
I feel bad, not what to do,
knowing it won't help,
to yell at you.
Do you love me,
as you say you do
or is it something else,
waiting for you?

Have we met before,
in times gone by?
Another life, another time,
knowing you. Not sure why.

During the memory given,
our path crossed, then.
I do not recall,
why or when.

Different lives, in times past,
when lost souls meet,
in another time or place.
Lost memories are bittersweet.

A Comment by Loy

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Loy • 02/02/2023 at 03:15PM • Like 1 Profile

Beautiful poem.

What Manner

Posted by MFish Profile 01/23/23 at 12:36AM Share Other See more by MFish

What manner,
is there today?
Unfriendly it is,
what can I say?

Sorry for your feeling,
sorry you are mad.
You set the tone,
now it is bad.

Staffing an issue,
wherever you go,
so, adjust to it,
service is slow.

Allow for more time,
is the watchword, today,
when staff call in,
leave or won't stay.


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