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I see you in the morning,
you are my surprise.
When you greet me
I can see your eyes.

Thank you for caring,
thank you for what's done.
For what it's worth,
you are my favorite one,

Waxing poetic,
with word verbosity,
is a way of writing,
unfamiliar to me.

When the line breaks,
I may not stay,
or choose, another place
and move away.

I feel a need to flee,
or perhaps, fly away,
to begin a life alone.
It will be the saddest day.

How do you walk away?
I don't know when,
it will finally come,
The Long Goodbye.

Please don't tell me,
it was God's way,
my faith is gone,
I will not pray.

I hear the words,
filling the air,
asking for her mother,
in a voice of despair.

She loves our oldest son,
while say he's me.
She doesn't know,
it's I she can see.

Dementia is so cruel,
there is no comfort to see,
knowing of others,
who are the same as me.

May the wrath of God,
start falling on me,
not on my wife.
Is this my blasphemy?

I don't care if it is,
I've wasted time and breath.
I will await my visit,
with the Old Dr. Death.

Where are you, my friend?
Did you run away,
to where it began?
If you return, please stay.

When you choose
to live life, this way,
remember it is a choice,
you make every day.

Sitting here, for meditation,
with a few others and me.
I have been called a loner,
reviewing my thoughts of thee.


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