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Posted by MFish

I am in the bathroom, ready for a new
day. I hear a loud noise and then
a plea of "Please help me" startled me ,
I go to the door and
do not hear the plea.
I hurriedly dress and seek an attendent
to check on the neighbor. They find
her, call Medic One. She is taken to
the hospital, treated and returns, in a week.
She is 93 and appears in good form.

My life, these past few months
have been spent in a
Memory Care Facility.
I moved here, to support my wife
and to honor her request of my
being near her.
I am considered to be an Independent,
as I do not need any assistance or aid
from the staff.
This is a happy place. The support staff
are very caring, in spite of a few
residents who will verbally abuse them.
This has been a positive, learning experience
for me as I have been allowed to participate
and be a witness to the care provided to
those friends and family who are dealing
with Dementia and Alzheimer disease.

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