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When Fate moves,
within your life,
taking with it,
the Soul of your wife.

Our luck was great,
for fifty plus years,
when Fate stepped in,
bringing so many tears.

It's been 5 months,
since she went away.
My heart still aches,
for her, every day.

Do I feel fortunate?
Why yes, I do,
but 10 years of misery,
for her was very new.

I've fond memories,
that is true,
but living without her,
just won't do.

I need to do
something good,
for me, so it
is understood.

The Travesty

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The travestry of man,
as we struggle with
living our lives for
each other, alone.


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When memories arise,
as we think about,
all the things which happened,
when we would whisper or shout.

There's nothing in these words,
except to explain,
or stay in front of you,
and wipe the slate clean.

Do not say never,
when I tell you of the love I bring.
Tempt me not, with water sweet,
until I kneel and present a ring.

Trying to upend, Natures Love,
until once again,
you no longer care for me.
Don't you understand my pain?

I am merely a man,
lost and alone, without you.
Won't you please, help,
me with what I need to do.

The Heart is an organ,
with a remarkable ability
to heal, after being broken
into pieces of futility.

Here I am again,
walking through,
the edge of sanity,
grief is hidden, too.

I am wrestling with
the sane part of my mind,
as I start the process of
untangling the pieces I find.

I thought I was past the process,
but realize while being supportive,
of others, I was not dealing with
my emotions, which I need to live.

Why? Geeze, I wish I knew.
The ups and downs every day,
have brought me fears of failure,
to care for my loved one. I will say,

I know that is not the truth,
but nevertheless, it is real,
in my present state of sanity.
This will be what I need to feel,

if I am to resolve these issues,
troubling as they are,
fixable, with therapy,
which I will try, near or far.

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