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I must be the proverbial,
old fool, of a man,
who's taken in, by others,
with a money making plan.
This story hasn't happened to me,
but I have received e mails,
directed to me so personally.
Promising riches, you can't believe.
Just send us some money
and the fortune will be,
put into your bank account,
your friend at the Embassy.

A well is a subject, too deep
for a shallow mind.
I wrote these words,
not to be unkind,
but to remind us all,
of the actions we take.
All have consequences
and words can break.
Every reaction, creates an event,
which may create another reaction.
A new result created by a response
from your action.
Confusing? Sure. Just pick your word
usage, carefully.

A fortnight ago,
it said in the book,
so I decided I should
take another look,
to determine casually
what did the word mean
or would I use it
in my next writing.
I looked up the word;
this is what I found.
"A period of two weeks,
used after the name of a day,
to indicate something will take
place, two weeks after, that day.

When I was young.
Young like a child,
I would go every where,
for I was quite wild.
There was no curfew,
at least not to me,
for when it became dark,
I knew where to be.
Home with my loved ones,
similar to right now.
Safe and protected
and still knowing how,
to take care of you.
So much like a child,
but you're no longer allowed
to run free and be wild.

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Loy • 01/07/2021 at 11:45PM • Like 1 Profile

If I only had the energy to run free and be wild...

I hate this life, as I have
started to succumb
towards a callous behavior'
with little aplomb.
I am not kind. I am just
a big jerk,
for I'm so tired my responsibility
I may shirk.
What good reason, is there for me
being casual with thee.
You don't deserve this life
we have shared.
I need to treat you softer
and be prepared.

Someone said, "The eyes are the window
into the Soul.
This thought comes from a place,
like any other.
A mystery this one, plain
but not forgiven.
Why now? You ask of me
for these words are soon forgotten,
while I await the coming dawn.
If only it were certain.
These words make no sense,
for they will be gone tomorrow,
as all the yesterday's gather
into the memories of happiness
and sorrow. Go from here.
Leave me be. Don't play games,
with those I love, for I know you
better than all who will follow.

Where are you now, my lovely bride?
It's 6 P.M. you were by my side.
Wandering the room, asking me why
or what's this object, catching your eye.
Asking the same questions, over again.
How many times? Lost track at ten.
Telling you the answer, one more time.
Nothing I say, "sticks". It isn't fine.
No matter what I am trying to do,
this conversation is usually just you.
Asking me more questions, once again,
what is the name of our friend?

Is it wrong to write
about a love for another?
Someone who is not your,
sister, brother or mother?
Perhaps, I ask because the
loneliness began,
not having an adult conversation,
since I know not when.

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Loy • 01/05/2021 at 05:27PM • Like 1 Profile

I know it's not the same as conversing, but you do communicate so much through your poems and stories. Looking forward to getting that shot in my arm so we can meet up for coffee someday soon...

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MFish • 01/05/2021 at 09:51PM • Like Profile

I am also waiting for the shot. Ms. E says she isn't going to get it so I need to enlist my children.

The rocks are hard.
My feet are bare.
Where is the sand?
It was everywhere.
I need to hurry,
A very strong urge,
Watching the creatures scurry
Before the strong surge.
The Ocean, a Sea
With waves now rising.
Up to my knees.
The dream is over,
I'm awake in bed.
Why are my feet wet?
Dry is my head.
Another dream, with emotion
When I see the beautiful Ocean.

The words are flying from my head,
although I am still laying in bed.
A site of words, elusive they are,
lay on the covers, near and far.
What can I do to retrieve them now,
except to rack my brain? I will avow
to reach out from within my mind,
hoping upon hope I can still find,
all the words, now missing from memory.
I'll keep reaching out until the end of me.

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