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Posted by MFish


Posted by MFish Posted on 10/26/2019 at 01:40PM Other See more by MFish

When thinking about those days of old,
Searching the land for that vein of gold.
Cutting through brush; digging up dirt,
Working so hard that your back did hurt.
Down by the water with pan in hand,
Putting in the oar bearing sand.
Swishing in water, a short half circle,
Removing the sand so handily,
Looking for a nugget the size of a Pea.
Your now on your way to the promised land.

Stay alert for their are thief's out there
That will rob or kill you for your share.
A sidearm is carried, to protect your life,
For your children are safe; home with your wife.
What a tale you will tell when you come home
From your adventure's where the Buffalo roam.

You rise in the morning.
I say, "How are you?"
You say, "I don't know,
What I should do?"
Don the slippers,
Put on a robe,
Go downstairs
To the family room.
Open the garage door
To retrieve the Times.
Sit down on the couch,
Tell me, "I'm cold
And so tired."
Read the paper,
And remark to me,
"Do you know this person?"
I say, "I know who it is,
But don't know him."
That is our morning start,
Almost every day.

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