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Posted by MFish

I have been spending considerable time
with my wife, as she transitions and adjusts
to living in a Memory Care Facility.
During this time I will join her for her
evening meal and sit with her and other
residents of the facility. The range of
those in the facility will vary over most
every situation.
One lady, lovely tells of her time as a
dance instructor and is always doing
crossword puzzles, constantly. I talk to
her and she always ask for my name and
month of birth. She is lovely and easy to
talk with. Others may have unique activities
such as an obsession to pick up every crumb
or article on the floor or on the furniture.
She also likes to dance and will often be
dancing instead of eating. She dances with grace
and seems to know all the lyrics for all the old
songs. She is pleasant and always acknowledges
my presence by stating my name.
Yes, there are some others, who want to hold a
toy doll or a stuffed animal. They are quiet,
unassuming and will talk to you. All have issues,
of varying degrees but most are very sociable.
They are not scary or someone you would believe
to have any memory issues other than they are
there as a resident.
There are a few who are vocal with their issues, to
the point of distraction but they are few in numbers.
I can say I have made friends with most of them although
I realize many won't remember. My wife is adapting.
She calls me "My Husband." She does not know my name
but she tells me she loves me many times. I do not
like seeing her losing all of our memories but do cherish
the words, I Love You heard every day.

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