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Posted by MFish Profile 10/09/21 at 12:19AM Share Life Stories See more by MFish

Of all the things I've done in life,
'twas when I met my future wife.
She was walking with her friends,
as my friend and I were driving by.
We used a smart sexy line,
Get in ladies will give you a ride.
There response was said in unison,
"Get lost Creeps." Later, we met,
at a dance. I believe it was then
she decided she would give me
another chance, to recover my poor
approach. Funny how life works.
I sit here after 64 years of marriage,
praying she will recover from a disease,
which isn't possible. Dementia, has
robbed her of all of her early memory.
Remembers nothing of how we met.
Ask me if I knew her parents.
Words which melt my soul, as I see
her continue to fail and be at a
point, where there is nothing which
helps her do the simple things, in
her life. No matter what,
your are the whole of my life.

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Carl • 10/09/2021 at 12:04PM • Like 2 Profile

The memories from your long time together are gifts from the heavens that now help you have the strength and devotion you show. You have said before that writing helps you during this difficult time, but I must tell you that your writing is inspiring to many of us and your zeal to be admired. Thank you, Jerry, for sharing some of your thoughts.

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Loy • 10/09/2021 at 05:50PM • Like Profile

Such a sweet memory ❤️

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MFish • 10/09/2021 at 07:11PM • Like Profile

Thank you for your kind thoughts, Carl. I appreciate them. Thank you Loy

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