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My love for you, is not in vain.
Watching you slip away;
Away from reason
and your inability
To use logic.
Our discussions, have become
One of remembrance
With reference to
Our two Sons,
That you now confuse
With each other.
Names of close friends
Are not there unless I say
To you, who they are.
You do remember
The granddaughter's name.
I am thankful for that
And helps me know,
That the one I love
Is still aware of her,
As she is her only joy.
I just hope that she
Will still remember me.
I don't know why,
I don't know how
But she no longer
Knows me now.

Tell me a story and tell it well,
for I hunger for words, I heard,
so many years ago. Words of terror,
words of praise. Telling stories of
the brave souls, who paved the way,
for all of us.
How they lived and how they died.
Even the failures that did reside,
within the walls, so dark.
Unable to keep the love, that grew,
when all the World, did know.
Yet, you kept on but not for long,
as the candle wick ran out of
tallow and fell into the shadow
of a moonless night, with only
Stars to guide your way.
You became impatient and said
of their last refrain.

My mind spews out this
meaningless prattle,
awaits the kind of life,
with no tomorrow,
that will end with abject sorrow.
What to do, oh what to do,
for in one's death
there will be no more you.

I don't know why.
You tell me,
Why my mind,
Locks up
With thoughts,
Too small
Or so large.
I need to clear,
At least for me,
This pile of words,
Hindering my mind.
Stuck away
To those places,
So deep inside.
Help me, please,
This voice does plead,
For I cannot see
What lies ahead,
Besides the agony
Of a body's failings.
No matter what.
No matter who.
I need freedom
To see myself
As others do.

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In the distance; a flash of light.
A muted noise of thunder.
I see the flash and start my count
Of one thousand one, one thousand two,
To help me guess, how far away.
I've always liked to hear the noise,
As a thunderstorm approaches.
To smell the air, during this show
As lightning, this time, appears to
Be heat lightning, flashing across the sky.
I recall a year, when in awe.
Lightning bolts, would commence
And march as soldiers to battle.
Spectacular it is, when Nature's show,
Lights up the sky, to make us aware
Of the power, in those serene skies.
We'll await for the next time.
Why are my words trying to rhyme?

I can't imagine what you are going through
When you no longer know what to do.
Patience for me, is what I need
To understand, care and to feed,
The failing mind of the one I hold dear.
Please don't forget me. That's what I fear.
But if that time comes, when you do
Forget my name. I will still know you.
I love you so, my dearest wife.
It pains me to see this in your life.