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I am dwelling now,
on friends we had.
The joy and fun,
not being sad.
Many of the friends
of so long ago,
are gone now and so
the memories we have
of happy days, gone by
and the missing friends,
I want to cry.
Where are you now?
Where did you go?
I miss all of you.
The laughter at our jokes,
has gone away
and is only there
in our memory foray.

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Loy • 12/17/2019 at 11:40AM • Like 1 Profile

Nice poem, hard to lose friends but nice to have fond memories.

I am saddened, on this day,
for an old friend, has gone away.
Gone away because some new disease,
that can't be treated, not with ease.
When your Doctors suggest that you
call in Hospice, so they can review
the needs of your body's care.
To recommend and make you aware
of the end of this life and need of repair.
I am saddened to relate that today
Our friends heart gave out, he passed away.
Long rest, my friend of many a year
It won't be long for I am near
and will see you soon, at life's end
for you were a great, caring friend.

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Loy • 12/17/2019 at 11:41AM • Like 1 Profile

Beautiful poem - very touching.

Going down a trail,
when I was young.
A trial of mud slick
ruts, on which to run
astride a Honda Trail 55.
No helmet required
for the ride. Wet clay
and mud on that day,
a good thing to stay away.
When tires are narrow
they'll slip and slide
which provides a
sloppy, scary ride.
Down the hill, did I go,
slipping and sliding,
oh what a show.
Safe at last at the
muddy bottom
on this fine day
one early Idaho Autumn.

Away all boats, that was the call.
Away all boats to the far Atoll.
This wasn't a war but that command,
was in my mind when approaching glistening sand.
Our ship was anchored in a Tropical Lagoon
and Liberty Call would be announced soon.
Liberty for us, on this Tropical Isle,
would be to walk about, for a long while;
to observe and to help where we could
and to make sure that we understood,
that those we met were simple but good.
A brief glimpse, from my aged mind,
of an adventure, that will often remind
the differences, we can now see,
between the Races, more different than we.

Long Ago

Posted by MFish Posted on 12/09/2019 at 09:51PM Other See more by MFish

When I wrote verse, many years ago,
our young Son's would tease me so.
It influenced the shyness in me,
as I quit writing incessantly.
The writing I did, some forty years
long past, were put away.
Then a good friend told me about
Kudos365.com. and I began to
write again, for you all to see.
I had many folders, that had been
stored, but the pencil I used
then, had started fading away.
Now, here I sit, with pen in hand,
trying to write about the past
so you would now understand.
Perhaps I need to write more
with out any kind of a whine
and do it after a glass of wine.

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Loy • 12/09/2019 at 09:36PM • Like 1 Profile

And I’m happy you did!

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Back in time, to the days of yore,
I'd get home after 6 P.M.
Up to the bedroom, to change.
Out of my work clothes and
into my running gear,
shorts, Self wicking top
and sox, depending upon the weather.
A windbreaker, I would don
and find me a baseball cap.
Put on my shoes, out the
then out to the course.
I had 3 courses of 5 miles, 7 and 10 miles
to choose from. I changed courses based
upon my training plan and to keep from
getting bored. This allowed me to stay
Working hard the first 20 minutes which
was uphill until I reached that pace
when my body, miraculously, as my breathing
got efficient. A pace that was easy,
not hard and I knew or felt like I
could run at that pace forever.
It's a strange euphoria that occurs
in the body. Did it happen all the time?
No, it didn't, but when it did it was
such a good feeling.
There were always some hills on each
course. Hills were always a challenge,
your steps tend to get choppy and shorter.
The key is to just keep going. No stopping
to walk. Shortly after crossing the top
you regained your breath and fell back
into that wonderful elated feeling.
If you gradually increase your miles,
not over 10 per cent a week, your
conditioning improves. You will be
more fit at the end of 4 weeks.
As my running continued, my friend
and I would put in one long run,
usually on a Sunday. We both
got to the point of doing 45 to
50 miles a week.
You can also do this with a walking
Hope you enjoyed this brief respite
from the usual stuff I post.
Here's to good healthy future.


The Waif

Posted by MFish Posted on 12/07/2019 at 11:23PM Other See more by MFish

The curly haired waif,
Wandered the street,
Looking for anything,
Or something to eat.
No food past her mouth
For at least three days.
Her stamina now, was
in a very tired phase.
Get you warm food
Some water right here
And you'll feel better,
Now that I'm near.
For I will love you
For many a day
While you are mindful and pray.
Pray to the Lord, Our Father above
For he will bring you, everlasting love.