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I write of tomorrow,
which may not come,
based upon testing you
and any outcome.
I know this now,
at my old age,
what it feels like,
when put in a cage.
Do not go anywhere.
Stay thee at home.
You do not have freedom
and can no longer roam.
Please stay inside,
away from a crowd.
Do what you can.
Don't speak out loud
about this terrible virus
unseen in the cloud.


Posted by MFish Posted on 03/24/2020 at 08:54PM Other See more by MFish

Across this country, past the Great Divide,
through fields of grain, along the side
of rivers running high and wide,
we must fight a virus threatening life
of every parent's child, husband and wife.
Stay inside away from the shrinking crowd;
pray to Heaven, quietly or out loud.
Pray our government will come through for us,
pray for all, In God We Trust.

You told me again
just like before.
"I know you don't like me,
not anymore".
She says that quite often;
I've heard it before,
"I know you don't like me,
not anymore".
I don't like her for what
she has become,
but I do love her,
every waking hour
and will love her today
and the day after tomorrow.
She cannot help the words
that she will say,
for there are no filters
to get in the way.