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Posted by MFishProfile 03/07/18 at 06:51AM Other Poetry See more by MFish

Oh, elusive love
Where are you now?
Where is your hiding place?
Can you be found
In the eyes of children
Or in the tinkling sound
Of their laughter
Or looking into crowded rooms,
Will I see you
In the face of a
Smiling stranger?

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Loy • 03/08/2018 at 08:37AM • Like Profile

Sweetly provocative.


Posted by MFishProfile 02/27/18 at 10:57PM Poetry See more by MFish

I rise in the morning,
while you, lie in slumber.
Leaving the warmth of
your body.
Sometimes, I envy you,
being able to stay in bed.

I realize, that I
take you for granted,
by not telling you,
how much I need you
or how much I care.

I like the way you
wear your hair
and your smile,
but I don't tell you.
I will,