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Pretty One

Posted by MFishProfile 05/02/18 at 11:24PM Poetry See more by MFish

Where have you gone,
My pretty one?
When did you first think
To go?
Was it because of the
Or for spurning you so?
How can I ever apologize,
or ask you to please don't go,
If I cannot talk to you
Because you are absent?
My nights have grown,
Oh so lonely now
And I miss not having
You here.


Posted by MFishProfile 05/01/18 at 11:11PM Poetry See more by MFish

Tomorrow's day is coming
As the hours, quickly pass,
Fleeting, ever ticking,
Faster than a blink.
Life's most precious moments
Are but a twinkle in your eye
That are washed away,
With tears of joy
Or sadness,
At being unable to recapture,
What was lost.
Is there really, justly meaning,
In the deeds, we try to do
Or are they futile efforts,
By me and you?

Cast Off

Posted by MFishProfile 05/01/18 at 11:04PM Poetry See more by MFish

Cast off, discarded,
Dead before we're gone.
Forgotten by our loved ones,
Our only begotten sons.
Ignored by our children,
Pushed toward the grave.
Forced into leaving a business,
Where we always gave,
Great contributions, for
All the world to see.
Now we become nothing,
Returning to the earth
As dust.
Tell me now, my friend,
Was it worth the living?


Posted by MFishProfile 04/30/18 at 11:15PM Poetry See more by MFish

I know not, your name
But I have seen your face,
Catching your fleeting image,
At night, in lonely bars.
I have cried,
Unable to find you,
In crowded rooms.
I have asked,
What is your name?
Where are you going?
Why do you elude me?
I listen and hear only silence.
Lost, alone, I keep searching
For an elusive love.