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Posted by MFish

I Am Trying

Posted by MFish Profile 05/28/21 at 10:16PM Humor See more by MFish

I am trying,
I really am,
to write more words,
as I know I can,
but a problem is here
and it is troubling me,
for all I here in my head
are words; a song by Jim Croce.
I hear, "If could put time in a bottle".
Now, please understand, those maybe exact
or merely close to the actual song
I hear. "If I could put love
in a bottle, the only thing left in this World for me
is to make every day, a beautiful one
and I would do all of that, for thee".
Perhaps, by writing his words or
the words I hear, will provide relief,
to this different type of mental block.
I hope so, for I am disappointed
when I can't write prose for you.

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