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I must be the proverbial,
old fool, of a man,
who's taken in, by others,
with a money making plan.
This story hasn't happened to me,
but I have received e mails,
directed to me so personally.
Promising riches, you can't believe.
Just send us some money
and the fortune will be,
put into your bank account,
your friend at the Embassy.

A fortnight ago,
it said in the book,
so I decided I should
take another look,
to determine casually
what did the word mean
or would I use it
in my next writing.
I looked up the word;
this is what I found.
"A period of two weeks,
used after the name of a day,
to indicate something will take
place, two weeks after, that day.

Driving at night,
through a driving rain.
Those words in print
are hard to explain.
Don't worry now;
try not to upset,
the use of the words,
"Lest we forget."
Lest is a word,
I do assume.
But from whence
it came is obscure.
Remind me now
of what it must be,
being a "purple cow'.
Oh, I do see,
the difference in words,
coming from our history.
This writing makes
very little sense,
for as I write,
my head is quite dense.
So off I go;
I'm off to see,
if these words, I write
are just, crazy, old me.

Waste not your time,
Do not you tarry,
For I'm on my way
To see the beautiful Mary.
She has never used this
Name, in her long life,
But it is the first name,
Of my lovely wife.
A legal name on
Her drivers license, you see
Now all the doctors,
Address you as Mary.
The name you don't like,
The name you don't use.
When they call you Mary,
It will just continue to confuse;
Not something she needs,
When her Dementia's the worry.
So please correct you records
And please don't you tarry,
For I tire of her reaction
To her first given name, Mary.

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Loy • 12/27/2020 at 11:21PM • Like 1 Profile

I’ve always liked the name Mary, a lovely name for a lovely lady - so sorry she gets confused...

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MFish • 12/27/2020 at 11:42PM • Like Profile

She doesn't get confused, just angry and with zero filters, well I do a lot of explaining. I also like the name, Mary. Thank you my friend.

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