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Posted by MFishProfile 12/09/20 at 10:44PM Other See more by MFish

Fate can be funny,
It can be sad.
Sometimes it is good,
It also may be bad.

My favorite, during isolation,
was the discovery we made,
which brought us great elation.
The Rooster Bakery out
Woodinville way, on the East
side of Highway 202, as you
head South from Woodinville.
It is an oasis; a refuge,
with it's open patio, surrounded
by high walls of grape vines.
During clear days the patio was
lovely. When there is "foul" weather,
we go indoors, to a cozy setting,
amongst the many antiques.
Both proprietors are friendly,
courteous, warm and gracious hosts.
They have taken an interest in my
wife, who has Dementia and treat
us like Family. For this I am very
As an aside, their wine and spirits
are made on premise. There is a
lovely arrangement of baked goods
including a wonderful Lentil soup.
A tasting room has wine made in the
old style and a broad assortment of

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