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Posted by MFish

Many years ago, the neighbor, behind our house told
me he was going to put in a little pond, in the corner
of his lot, close to us.
He spent a lot of time digging out the dirt for the pond.
The neighbor, I'll call him Curt, worked hard. Scraping
the sides of the hole to attain the smooth sides and top
that he wanted for the top stones and to pave the pond
so it would retain water.
Curt mentioned that he had purchased a miniature
Cherry tree and it's drooping branches would provide
a beautiful setting.
Curt moved away, several years later. The new neighbor,
who I won't name, built a fence so I no longer had a view
of the pond.
As the years passed the miniature Cherry tree wasn't and
towers over the fence with branches intruding into our
vertical space and effecting the growth of a Fir tree.
There are no cherries, that are edible, but there are
a lot of white blossoms, so when they fall from the tree
it looks like a small Spring snowstorm.
God bless you. Rest in Peace, Curt, as I heard you had
passed away several years ago.
I do think about you every day and want you to know the
miniature Cherry tree, towers about 50 plus feet
above the corner of our deck.

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