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Posted by MFish

My wife had worked at a large Eastside Hospital and one of her co-workers,
was a great friend. I'll call her VP, who had made many trips to Kauai for years.
At some point during these past years, VP, left her employer and moved to
Kauai, The Garden Isle.
VP had married a Kauai local, who worked at one of the Sugar Plantations. His nickname
was of course, Sugar.
We were invited to come and visit, which we did several times over these past years.
On one of our visits, VP said to both of us, "Tonight is Boys Night Out". She explained,
"every Tuesday the Boys would go to the back of the Koloa Town Market, where the owner
had built a Clubhouse". The Clubhouse had a stove, two refrigerators and two TV sets, a large
round table for the "Boys."
I was introduced to many of Sugar's friends, or Locals. I was treated like a special guest,
with offers of beer and a countless number of Pupu's . The locals would offer me many
different foods, some homemade and some purchased. I tasted everything offered, because
drinking beer and eating have always been to my liking.
Apparently I made a good impression.
A few years later we returned for a visit with our friends. We had stayed with VP and Sugar
prior trips but this time they had moved to a smaller place. We stayed at a Condo
near Spouting Horn a "blow hole", if you will, where the surface would drive the sea water
up through the hole. But I digress.
Sugar said, "it's Boy's night out and I'll be late but you know where it is, so I will meet
you there."
I went to the store and purchased some Pupus and of course. a case of Bud Lite as that was
the beer of choice, at the Clubhouse.
I pulled into the parking lot behind the Market and was retrieving the beer and snacks from
the trunk of the rental, when I heard this voice. "Hey Jerry, where've you been? You want
a beer?"
I turned and saw an old friend, Suto, who I had met before. I was greeted by all the "Boys"
like a long, lost relative. It was fantastic and will always remain in my heart and memories
of the Kauai Boys.
Most of the "Boys" are now gone as are our friends, VP and Sugar.
My wife's Medical Condition prevents her from travelling to that beautiful, Garden Isle, Kauai.
I miss all of my wonderful friends.
Aloha and Mahalo for the friendship and these precious memories.

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