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Posted by MFish

When I was a young boy, I like to read the comics in the Sunday paper, Seattle Times.
I would read those first. Even to this day, that the first thing I grab, our the Comics.
Fascinated, was I by the comic strip, Terry and the Pirates, by Milton Caniff.
Those readings when the World was at war, were read by myself, while laying on the floor.
Reading about Terry and his exploits, in Asia. One of the characters, in the strip was the
Dragon Lady. She was Asian, beautifully mysterious. Dangerous, but not truly evil. She
probably was evil but I was too naïve and young to know. It was at that time, in my young
life that I became fascinated by Asian women. Didn't know any but still the fascination.
I still have that fascination. When I see women of all Asian races, I am drawn to them, like
a moth to the flame. I can't explain that to you, nor will I try. Great memories of a child who
was fascinated by a cartoon character in a Comic Strip, at a young age. Go figure.

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