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Posted by MFish

I was playing adult soccer at a
field off Delridge Way, in Seattle.
The ball came to me,
I raised my leg,
dropping my toe.
I was hit from behind,
by who? I don't know.
My leg was now up in the air,
falling to earth,
I put out my arm.
Wrong move, I meant
for I hit the ground
fracturing my wrist.
Went to the Dr the next day.
He put on a cast.
After 2 weeks
of itching,
and trying to scratch,
I removed it with a hacksaw blade.
I would wrap it with an Ace bandage,
tight as I could.
Removed it at night
so I could sleep good.

I am here.
You are not.
Our children grown,
a love sought,
from each other,
during journey's life.
We are still
husband and wife.
My thoughts gone,
from my head.
A mental state,
I now dread,
seeing you allow,
here and now,
fills my heart,
with my vow,
of loving you,
is my joy
and I do
all this for
you to see
the better part
of older me.

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