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Posted by MFish


Posted by MFish Posted on 04/25/2020 at 09:44PM Other See more by MFish

Across the barren land, he strode,
searching for a place to build.
Up he went, into the trees
of Douglas Fir, Cedar too,
when he came to a spot
among the Ponderosa Pines.
There was a running stream,
flowing below the crest.
A flat piece of ground
with a view of the land below.
Down the stream was a dam,
built by Beavers.
A pond had formed, quite large,
with Cattails and rush, near the shore.
The plot of land; I'll build my home
for I roam no more, to a foreign land.
I will stay here until the end of time
and with that statement
this line will rhyme.

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