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Posted by MFish

Many years ago, in another life, in another time,
I worked for a large retailer, in the Catalog part of the
As I recall, I was a District Manager and had recently returned
from Chicago, with my peers. The meeting was a big one
on a new product, called "Cling-a-longs" or women's full length
hosiery that had some elasticity that provide support for those
who were on their feet for long periods of time.

The store manager, I and some others, were in a local dive
bar. Actually it was a Chinese Restaurant with a nice lounge.
I was relating my recent travels to Chicago and talked about
the new product. I had also discussed that we had given some
samples to the Stewardess on the airline, with a request to tell
us how they liked them, or not.

This was later in the evening, after a few drinks. When our waitress
said something to the group, "I'm on my feet for a long time
and would like to get some of the hosiery you mentioned.
Now, uninhibited, I said I'll get you some.
The store manager had left, so I made a questionable decision.
I wasn't going to be there when the store opened.
I wrote on a cocktail napkin, a note to my manager,
"Please order this young lady a pair of the new hosiery."

I was in our Astoria office and received a call from my
manager in Corvallis. He said, "I have a young lady
in my office that has a napkin with your signature authorizing
a pair of nylons. How am I to pay for that?"
I told him to put it on my credit card, which he did.

I kept waiting over the years, for the napkin to show up. Alas my
manager has been gone for many years and I no longer
work for that organization.

A great event, of a slight error in judgement,
brings to me great memories, that always makes me

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