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Posted by MFish

Someone or thing was beside the tree,
feeding my mind with uncertainty.
Should I stay or should I flee?
Someone or thing, was now watching me.
I decided to stay. I wanted to see,
as at that moment it was curiosity,
not waiting for what it may be.
I must find out; what is the reality.
Moving forward, so very cautiously,
Was a puppy, running so happily,
as I rejoiced as he ran to me
and licked my face so readily.

I hadn't written for days,
not even in hours,
until this time.
Watching all the sorrows,
poured forth on their march,
for days on the morrow.
Drown out the pain
enter the chaos,
for we are God's children.
All of us.
Pray for each other.
Pray as you please.
Pray for salvation,
down on your knees.

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