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Posted by MFish

The table was in the back of the room,
tucked away, in the corner. Shadows crept,
across the faces of those seated.
She was dressed in furs and an evening gown,
with a Boa wrapped around her delicate neck.
It became obvious that she didn't belong in the
dinginess of this seedy bar. Nevertheless those
present, admired the beauty of her appearance.
No one paid attention to her presence, at least not,
visibly, but they were aware of her presence.

Time passed slowly, throughout the early afternoon.
Soon, the after-work crowd would arrive and do their
usual, "scoping out" of those in the room.
Some brave self, anointed "Casanova" would venture
forth to attempt a conversation with this beautiful woman
tucked into the shadowed recess of the corner.
One such, came forward. He was politely refused to
have a conversation. She definitely was waiting for a
specific person.

Around 7, in the early evening, a foppishly dressed man,
approached, said a few words and sat with the woman.
Their conversation was quite animated, with hand gestures,
and strained laughter. It must not have been pleasant for he
stood up and abruptly left.
A few minutes later, the lovely lady, arose and walked with long
strides, out the door.
I'm unsure of where she went, but there was never another glimpse of
this beauty, who will always be a mystery.

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