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Posted by MFish

I'm in the U.S. Navy.
A Petty Officer, 3.
I am the Postal Clerk,
on board our ship.
I sell money orders,
on our payday.
I also, go on daily
runs, when we are
in port, not at sea.
Guard mail runs,
with our Ensign,
require me to be
several paces behind
him. I am armed
with a .45 caliber,
Colt Automatic,
which is holstered,
on my right hip.
I am 20 years old.
It is very cool,
to go on a trip
to the Fleet Post Office
or FPO, to pick up
US Mail for my shipmates,
while the Ensign receives
Guard Mail, which instructs
our Captain on our Ships
next journey.

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