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Posted by MFish

One more day at the zoo,
a place with characters,
much more than two.
Three males live here,
two residents of memory care.
I live with my wife, in memory care,
although I am considered an Independent.
Supposedly, I do not need assistance,
but that is another story.

Yesterday, there was an altercation,
with one gentleman being pushed down
on the floor. I didn't see the actual beginning
but did see the last shove to the ground.
Fortunately, no one was injured and
bruised EGOs recovered, due to the
memory issues of other residents.

A small excitement in the daily life
of singing songs, painting pictures
and interesting discussions with
some of the residents and staff.

The staff should be commended for
the prompt action taken to resolve
the solution. They do not get paid
enough for the verbal abuse they take,
from some residents. Fortunately,
most residents are well behaved.

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