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The world I know
Has come apart.
The one I love,
Has broken my heart.
Not because of intent
But due to disease,
That will not relent,
And leave her be
The way she was,
Full of love, for me.
It's an empty shell
She is starting to be.
The loss I feel,
Can not be described
For her love, you see
has been tossed aside.

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The slap of my feet, hitting the ground,
Is the only noise I hear all around,
Until the expelling of my out going breath,
Accompanied by cloudlet of sound.
As the ground rushes up to my feet,
A refreshing gulp of the cold Winter air,
The warmth of my hat, covering ear and hair.
When exercising, in the Winter is here,
As the air warms, my breath will disappear.

Please don't bring problems to my door,
Please do bring your solution, to the fore.
I will welcome you and all the rest
To provide the answer and the best
Information to solve, this problem unique
In the simplest way, as we speak.
A learning process, this most certainly was,
In the development of the peoples cause.
I'll never forget, the friends I made,
While working together, being unafraid
To make those decisions, of what to do,
When it wasn't me but it was you.