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Here I go again.
Once more I write
what comes to my
mind, as I try
to bring forth thoughts,
from the deepest past.
Thoughts from long ago,
that I no longer can
recall or see,
when I peer back,
into my cluttered mind.
I hope this writing
of my thoughts
will keep coming,
so that very soon
I will recall
those thoughts and memories
that I can embellish
and find the time,
for thee. Fine tune is
a broad term that
I hope to convey,
when all my thoughts
remain or stay
to explain to you
what I always must
of all this random
wordly dust.

How can we best deal with failure?

The fear of failure is holding women back from achieving their highest potential at work, at home, and with their personal health.

During this event, our speaker Lindsey T. H. Jackson will take you on a unique, funny, emotional, and even sometimes musical, journey to reclaim your voice and become the strong woman you were born to be!

Together, we will explore how to address the areas in our lives that can hold us back, and how to turn them around and grow stronger as individuals. Lindsey will identify areas in our society that can restrict us, including socialization of failure, impact of breaking the status quo, and how traditional systems do not work for most women. Through knowledge and awareness, Lindsey will show us how we can face these challenges head-on and how we will blossom into empowered women!

About Our Speaker:

Lindsey T. H. Jackson (LTHJ), is a North American-based leader in serving humans around the world for over 20 years. Authentically leading an empowering entity for women’s wellness, Lindsey is a creative force in motion. Through one-woman shows, books, spoken word/poetry, film and companies, Lindsey is creating a world where more people feel seen and heard. Ultimately, she is shifting people’s mindsets and actions away from fear and toward love. LTHJ Global, Lindsey's umbrella brand, empowers more people to pursue their best hopes and dreams and through wellness and realization to achieve their full potential. 

Through LTHJ Global Lindsey acts as Co-founder of The Diversity Center of Seattle, Arts Director for the Center for Community Impact, a community-based initiative of the YMCA. For more information visit:

More details: 

Wednesday, September 25, 5:00 – 7:00PM

Salesforce Training Room

929 108th Ave NE Suite 1800

Bellevue, WA 98004

5th Floor

Please bring your own reusable water bottle since we are an evironmentally conscious organization.

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If you are not an official Women in Technology (WIT) Network member, please donate your low annual membership of $97.00 to our non-profit organization here. You will then be invited to national and international online events, newsletters and many programs in addition to our local WIT Network Bellevue offerings.

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I am sitting at a bar
in Yokosuka Japan, having a beer,
when someone runs in, yelling
with a shout of "Fire" or words like that.
Everyone, immediately runs outside to see,
what all the commotion is about.
There is a fire in the building next door.
The buildings are all wood, tinder dry.
I'm sure I must have had a few drinks.
Being in the Navy and in my dress blues;
before I knew it, I was on the roof
in a "bucket brigade." A bucket of water
was passed along the line of strangers.
We moved those buckets, as fast as we could,
trying to protect dry wooden building.
After about an hour or so, the fire was out.
I turned to go and a Japanese man,
grabbed my hand and said "Thank you"
and pulled me back to the bar. A nice
drink was had and I returned to my ship.
We were on "Cinderella Liberty", over at 12.

This event is not something I think about
often, but reminds me that we are all human,
regardless of race, religion or nationality.
When we are in trouble we can work
together, Novel idea.

Sep 19 7:30 pm – 09/20/19 2:00 am COLUMBIA CITY THEATER 4916 Rainier Ave S , Seattle, WA 98118 View A Map to This Event View This Event

Teniola Apata, better known as Teni, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and entertainer.Her music is versatile, as anything around her inspires her.Some of her Hit Singles includes 'Fargin', 'Party Next Door', 'Askamaya', 'Uyo Meyo', 'Case' and many more.

21+ ONLY