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It Is 3 AM

Posted by MFishProfile 07/21/21 at 11:03PM Life Stories See more by MFish

It is 3 AM
and I've been up, almost an hour,
writing words, from my memory
and asking the question.
Who are you searching for?
Do you know my name
or where I live?
Must I accept you, once more?
If I leave now
will there be a big chance
to stay here with you,
in our life's final dance?

My Heart

Posted by MFishProfile 07/21/21 at 11:57AM Life Stories See more by MFish

My heart has been broken,
all of my words will say.
Shattered in pieces, quite small,
by someone I don't really know.
Why does it happen, here to me?
I'm far from the romantic
I was when very young.
A cold place, my Soul
is in now, near thee.
I do not understand why
nor will I still pretend
to know of my emotions
or when it all began.


Posted by MFishProfile 07/20/21 at 11:09PM Life Stories See more by MFish

Run from the dark corners of your mind,
though you know there is no escape.
No place to hide or to flee the scene.
The future is bright, but not now,
a world for me, is no longer here.
Her bright future is gone, not to be found.
I will soon, "pack my bag", as I leave
and will think of you as I weep.
What a sad ending, to a beautiful life.
You were the best person, you are my wife.


Posted by MFishProfile 07/17/21 at 10:46PM Life Stories See more by MFish

When you drag rough thoughts from your mind,
they will appear on paper, line by line.
Are they good or a plain, simple rendition?
Will the words last or leave by attrition?
I no longer know the words for me,
for my heart lies broken, as it must be.
How can I enjoy this messed up life,
when I see the damage done to my wife?

I have a new child.
Not new to me,
but a child, now,
who is eighty three.
She no longer can do,
those basic tasks
nor make decisions.
She cannot tell you,
what any trouble she has,
for she knows not the name,
of any item she sees.
What kind of World must it be?
How do I take my lifelong friend,
who trusts me and move her to
a memory care unit.
It will destroy her. I know it
and yet , it is something I must do,
if I truly mean, "I love you."
My heart if broken,
it may not mend.
Is our life life now over?
Have we neared the end?
I hope not. I must employ
some good things for her to enjoy.

Your avatar
Loy • 07/18/2021 at 09:31PM • Like 1 Profile

So sorry for your plight Jerry.

Your avatar
MFish • 07/18/2021 at 10:33PM • Like Profile

Thank you.

I Search

Posted by MFishProfile 07/14/21 at 11:45PM Life Stories See more by MFish

I search my mind.
I scratch and scribe,
upon the paper,
using my old hand,
as I pull forth,
some words, from out
the brackish water, mine.
I wish you well,
for now's the day,
to change your life,
while you are still
the wife I know,
who lives in this house,
morning, noon and night.
Stay close to me
for the care givers life,
is never over or done.

The wayward Sun, is like our Son,
full of music with a dose of passion,
for he has always been a guitar man.
An acoustical one, playing in his fashion.
Progressive Rock and Roll he says he plays.
Spending studio time to create a CD Action.
His musical talent, as he plays his songs,
brings forth a noise; to me a distraction,
but he loves it so, he will play
as his band becomes the latest music attraction.


Posted by MFishProfile 07/11/21 at 10:43PM Life Stories See more by MFish

How do you write about aging,
when you have gotten so old?
Do you write of mistakes you've made,
or tell all the tales, you were told,
as you wandered through life?
Down life's jagged path,
recalling the memories of your
checkered past. A part
of mundane events and mistakes.
Oh, it's time to leave,
as we take another break.

I Am

Posted by MFishProfile 07/11/21 at 10:42PM Life Stories See more by MFish

I am strong,
I am bright,
at least my mind
believes I am right.
Here to write a new ode,
about a woman,
who dwells in my abode.
Her Dementia, on this day,
has gone into the Sundown
phase as I do say.
She starts to look
at old paperwork
or a new book.
She will ask questions about
life long friends
and when she asks
about their name,
I will tell her so,
again and again.

The Rocks

Posted by MFishProfile 07/10/21 at 09:44PM Life Stories See more by MFish

The rocks were slick
with a slimy green.
I placed my boot,
in the rushing stream,
where it moved and slipped,
as if a bad dream.
I lost my footing,
fell into the water,
over my head.
Fortunately, my waders,
with belt around my waist,
prevented water from
rushing in.
I re-found my footing,
now I was standing tall.
I'll tell you this,
waters are cold in the Fall.
I survived my bath
in the rushing stream
and when I awoke
it was just a dream.

Your avatar
Loy • 07/11/2021 at 12:05AM • Like 1 Profile

😊 you had me until the very end. Good one!

Your avatar
MFish • 07/11/2021 at 08:10AM • Like 1 Profile

Thank you. I did fall when fishing, got wet but no waders.

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