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The fire had grown dim
from an old flame from the past.
A hungering inflection of the way
we were then. Another time,
another lost dream, has returned
to this life, no matter the cost.
It's not what it seems
for the love of another, has never
crossed this floor. A short stay here,
at least not any more.

Do not ponder,
Do not dwell.
My soul tells my body,
were on a slow ride to Hell.
I no longer have control
of my body or my mind.
It matters not
if the words are unkind.
Go from this place.
Go now and flee.
Keep hiding your face
from those who can't see,
the pain inside you,
from deep within,
who haven't a clue
of the pain you are in.

In another time,
so long ago,
we went to the movies.
Never went to the show.
The problem with movies;
there is no chance for romance.
So you drove to the Grange,
where people would dance.
There was "Square Dancing"
you moved around in a circle,
with a twirl or dosey do.
Off you would dance, not slow.
Later, the music scene, change it did,
when you could dance face
to face; "oh you kid."
A waltz, a two step, a Varsouviana.
You would have a young lady, by the hand.
Then new music burst onto the scene;
It was Rock and Roll. And then the King
Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and
became the latest thing.

You have left, once again.
I know not where you go,
it's then I realize,
I'm no longer the one
who enjoys our past life,
which Dementia has undone.
I'm alone in this life,
though you are here with me.
My love is still strong
and strong it must be,
for you are the one
who God made for me.
I love you now and what's more,
I will love more than ever before.

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Loy • 04/09/2021 at 10:26AM • Like 1 Profile

So sweet, and sad at the same time

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MFish • 04/09/2021 at 11:19AM • Like Profile

Thank you. Emotions; always a challange.

Last Night

Posted by MFishProfile 04/07/21 at 11:15PM Life Stories See more by MFish

Last night you talked to me.
Your words got in the way.
You kept calling me Joe,
and then you said Scott,
then back to saying Joe.
I know I shouldn't have,
but it is what I did;
I asked you for my name
and you said, "It's Joe."
It isn't my name,
and I told you so
but you continued
to call me Joe.

Long will I wonder,
how long it will last,
the perennial question,
which haunts my past.
Don't wish for tomorrow,
please enjoy this day,
for the joy of this moment
will soon go away.
The friends of your youth,
are no longer here.
They have left this place,
but their spirits are near.
Enjoy your friendships,
as we always should do,
for the future of tomorrow,
depends upon you.

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MFish • 04/06/2021 at 11:06AM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy.

I've lost control,
of this stage of life,
seeing the damage Dementia
has done to my wife.
There are lucid moments,
in day time and night,
but there is a weirdness,
when Sundown takes flight.
Wandering the house,
as a stranger would do.
Please help me Lord,
as my answers are few.

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