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Posted by MFish

No More

Posted by MFishProfile 06/11/21 at 07:45AM Life Stories See more by MFish

No more music videos
for me to see,
as all I hear in my head,
is Tina Turner, belting out,
"We don't need another hero."
Night after night, I struggle
again to write these words.
It is a distraction, to me.
This process of writing is absurd,
for, I not only hear words for the song
but also have visions of Mrs. Turner,
shimmering and shaking,
in her glittering skirt..
She had the movement and the voice,
as I recall. It was in the 70's and
the music was all we had in this
Land of Ours, with loud engines,
motorcycles and fast cars.
Now if this wasn't annoying enough,
Tina also sang "Proud Mary". It was
also great listening at that time in our life.

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