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Posted by MFish

You were the day
and became the night.
The sunshine became dim
and the sunlight took flight.
All of the joy
and the happiness too,
ebbed and flowed,
each day for you.
You no longer know me,
but know you, I do,
as this life no longer
has a beautiful view.
I am confused, as I see,
little about our history.
You talk now in riddles too
and have hallucinations,
more than a few.
I am beyond myself now,
unsure of what I should do.

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Loy • 06/02/2021 at 11:31PM • Like 1 Profile

Sometimes life is so unfair… but very fortunate for her to have you to hold onto the memories and keep her safe. I feel for you…

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MFish • 06/03/2021 at 12:20AM • Like Profile

I always appreciate your heartfelt thoughts. I am thankful for you friendship. LU

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