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Posted by MFish

Have you ever been on a Snipe hunt?
If yes, you know the elaborate drill
Of going out at night and the thrill
Of the stalking of the elusive Snipe.
In early evening, while still light,
You would go out, with your flashlight
And a burlap bag, called a "gunny sack",
Out in the field, quiet as you can,
This little ritual that will make you a man.
Open the sack, prop it up with a stick,
Very clever and a real neat trick.
Place the flashlight in the back of the bag.
Be very quiet and wait for the bird.
They're attracted to light and will go inside.
Be patient, it won't be long and you'll see,
The Snipe approaching quite cautiously.
After waiting a half hour or more,
You go back to the house and
Hear the laughter roar.
You have been "snookered" it was a hoax
But for you it was an adult joke.
Could you get me a left handed monkey wrench?

The good old days are now gone.
The lives lost in this virus run,
Be they daughter, husband, wife or son.
A much too early return to work
Or the open a business, to crowds,
Was poor judgement, if it was used.
It now appears the citizens were confused,
As our leader, said it will be gone
In mid April, when it is warm.
Wrong again, with your guessing game,
As you violate any sense of reason.
Not wearing a mask. It is your claim
The petulant child you; are to blame.
May Karma grab you by your shirt
And plant your face into the dirt.

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