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Posted by MFish

I awake with a start,
as there was a howl,
the bark of a dog,
the hoot of an Owl.
Why did I awake
at this time of the morn?
I do not know,
but I'm glad I did,
for a water pipe was leaking
and I heard the sound
of water running.
Check all the rooms,
until the last one,
where I found the floor wet.
I placed my hand where
the sound was heard
and my hand slipped
on the painted wall.
Went quickly to the
main shut off valve.
I removed the wall board
using a knife and small saw.
There it was. A small brad,
or nail to you, which had hit
the pipe many years ago
and had finally penetrated
to the point the water could
Love those Shop Vacuums
which suck up water.
Called a plumber the next
day and was back with a
hole to patch and repaint.
Oh the joy of being a

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