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Posted by MFish

In the past years, gone by,
I would drive the old "floating
bridge". There was a curve in
the middle, which would open
for large boats or with high masts.
I owned a sports car, a Fiat 124
roadster; color French Blue.
I would drive fast as it was how
I learned, so many years before.
The sign on the bridge stated,
"Slow to 45". Not this driver,
in my convertible toy for
when it cornered, at speed, there
wasn't any lean as the Michelin radial tires
would grip the surface as if glued
to the road or on a track.
I would speed through the curve, hard,
knowing a 4 wheel drift could come,
any time. What a thrill to drive like
I did. I would not drive the way I described
if there were other drivers close to me.
A second childhood, it was.
A toy, the sports car belonging to you.

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