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Posted by MFish

More Words

Posted by MFish Profile 01/01/21 at 06:48AM Share Humor See more by MFish

Driving at night,
through a driving rain.
Those words in print
are hard to explain.
Don't worry now;
try not to upset,
the use of the words,
"Lest we forget."
Lest is a word,
I do assume.
But from whence
it came is obscure.
Remind me now
of what it must be,
being a "purple cow'.
Oh, I do see,
the difference in words,
coming from our history.
This writing makes
very little sense,
for as I write,
my head is quite dense.
So off I go;
I'm off to see,
if these words, I write
are just, crazy, old me.

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